A Special Welcome Note From 2022

Yeah yeah… Incredible how time flies. 2021 is gone and gone for good. It ain’t coming back no more. Like.. it’s over, done and dusted. And so I welcome you all into year 2022.


Funny how I ended my 2021 in a “not-so-fine” health. Drips and Medications have been the order of the day for me these past few weeks. Couldn’t even blog much for the past four months cuz the strength and zeal were just no where to be found.


But hey! It always gets better by the day. Doesn’t it? I’m glad I’m getting better, stronger and much more energized and I know 2022 is loaded with sound health.


No Vibe K!llers this 2022. Make up your mind to keep it real 💯% and savour the goodies of life.

Aaaand finally…. If you’re reading this… I say a big CONGRATULATIONS to you! You sure made it to Year 2022.. HURRAY!!!💃💃💃


I wish us all a Happy, Fruitful and Prosperous New Year Lovelies… Sending you millions of Hugs🤗 and K!sses right away!!!

For now… I say Shalom!!! Till I write you again. 🙂🙂


This is the DiaryofaSavvyLady

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