Birth Months and What They Say About Us.


Have you ever come across the term “Zodiac Signs”? Do you believe those sayings about the Zodiac having an element of impact in one’s life? Well this isn’t a post based entirely on zodiac signs, but it’s centered on a different dimension of it.

Well honey, before you begin to argue and refute this popular belief, I’d suggest you first go through this piece of article that describes each birth month and those peculiar traits people born in them TRULY posses. Who knows… You could even have a change of mind afterwards.




You are Ambitious and Powerful. A Born Leader. You tend to have a Stubb0rn Nature. You always Stand Out in the Crowd. You love to live the “Good Life”. You are Romantic at heart. A Deep Thinker. Loyal to friends. Ever Ready to Learn and try out new things. You’re Serious about life. You Like to make others happy. Not too introverted, not too extroverted either. You love to Dress Well. You are Smart!


You are Witty and Intelligent. An Outgoing Person. Smart and Attractive. Altruistic. You are a lover of Peace. Faithful towards your near and dear ones. Very Sensitiv*. Honest to the c0re. You love to Spend Money. Modest and Humble. You have a Creative Mind. A Dominating Personality. Ambitious towards life. You have a “Never-Give-Up” spirit. Good listener. Superstiti0us. You’re an Entertainment Lover!



You are Exuberant and Cheerful. Outgoing and Affectionate. A Dreamer. An Attention Lover. You Desire Respect. Have a Good Sense of Humour. You Appreciate Kindness and return it. Love to Indulge in Creative Stuff. You’re a Peace Lover. Magnanimous. You posses a S3xy Personality. Good at keeping secr3ts. Sympathetic. You are Trustworthy!



You are Amiable. Diplomatic. Always Ready to Help others. Adventurous. You have a Great Sense of Humour. You Love to Enjoy Life. Totally Active and Restl3ss. You tend to be More Emotional than Practical. A good motivator. Spiritual and God-fearing. You are Good Looking and S3xy. A Faithful Lover. You tend to make Hasty Decisions. You are Brainy and Clever!


You posses a Pleasing and Attractive Personality. You’re Good Looking. You Adapt Well to new situations. You have a Joyful Attitude towards life. Independent. Secr3tive. You have an Intelligent Mind. You tend to get Angry Easily. Can be Very Stubb0rn at times. You Love Attention. You’re More Logical than Emotional. You Dream Big. You’re Dynamic and Active. Quick to Return Favours. You are Honest!



You are Foresighted. Get Easily Worried. You are Quite Talkative. Very Friendly. Stylish and Fashionable. Soft Spoken and Polite. You’re Warm and Considerate towards people. You have a Great Sense of Humour. Quite sensitiv*. Very Curious and Inquisitive. You’re a Star in the Crowd. A Very Active and Visionary Thinker. Kind and Generous. A Loyal Lover. You Love to Debate. You Love the Finer Things of Life!


You are Bubbling with Enthusiasm. You have a Friendly Nature. Quiet and Restrain*d. A Deep Thinker. You have a Good Sense of Humour. Loving and Caring towards near and dear ones. A Sharp mind. Sensitiv*. A Fun-loving Person. You have a Forgiving Nature. Unpredictable at times. A Stylish Dresser. A Lover of Peace. Spiritual at times. You are Dedicated and Hardworking.



You are Very Ambitious. You have a Brave and Daring Attitude. A Devoted Lover. A Sensitiv* Nature. You tend to get Jeal0us Easily. You can also get Angry Very Easily. You are Proud of Your Achievements. An Attention Seeker. Very Generous. Easy Going. You posses a Strong Character. Born to be Successful. Observant. You have a Creative Mind. Caring and loving. You are a Faithful Friend!



You are Wise and Humble. You have an Inspiring Character. Cool in Difficult Situations. Altruistic and Sympathetic. You Love Traveling. Knowledgeable beyond your years. Industrious. You seem to Understand Nature more. Friendly with all. You like Helping others. Fun to be with. A Loyal Lover. A Good Looker and a Great Dresser. You are Confident!


You are Dedicated and Hardworking. A Lover of Nature. You are a Born Leader. People look up to you. You’re Amiable. Honest. You’re More Emotional than Practical. You can be Reb3llious at times. Totally Independent. A Good Looker. Clever. Faithful towards family, friends and your lover. You give Importance where Due. You are Clairvoyant!



You are Determined. Active. Industrious. Warm and Compassionate. You’re Wise and Very Witty. Patient and Tolerant. Very Intelligent. You posses a “Do-or Di3” attitude. Inquisitive and Highly Intuitive. A Faithful Friend. A Sharp Thinker. You are such an Emotional Lover. You tend to be Secr3tive. You like to Enjoy Life to the Fullest. You’re Easy Going. You have an Attractive Personality. You are Hopel3ssly Romantic!


You have a Great Sense of Humour. Cheerful and Vibrant. Ambitious. Short Temp3red. Impatient. You’re More Logical than Emotional. You have an Attractive Look and a Pleasing Personality. Honest and Trustworthy. Generous. Amiable. Dynamic. You Love to be Praised. You are an Independent Stre*k. Patriotic. A Good Dresser. You are Fun to be with!


This article clearly summarises our individual and unique personalities. Now Sugars… What month were you born in? Does your personality rhyme with your birth month stated above? ARE ANY OF THESE TRUE ABOUT YOU? You can leave your answers in the comment section below as we would love to hear your thoughts. New to our site? We’re happy to welcome you!!! So feel free to follow our blog for more gainful articles like this and much more.


If you never believed in the Zodiac, do you now believe in the Zodiac Signs and Meanings? It’s not superstition you know… It’s REALITY!I.. I’m pretty sure you’re having a rethink right now. Happy Meditation Hun! See you at the next post. WATCHA!!!


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