5 Secrets to Building your Self Confidence

Have you ever seen someone talk and do things with so much confidence that you wished you had the same confidence as that person? Why do some people build confidence with ease, while others have a hard time building theirs, with some others exhibiting theirs as a trait? Has such occasion left you wondering what the secret was and if you could ever build yours too? Well, the good news is that you can! So darling, take a chill pill, get relaxed, go through these tips and explore the possible ways you can build and boost your confidence.


Tip 1: Learn and Improve.

The first step to building confidence is to get better at something. Not sure what you’re good at? Check what your strengths and talents are and put your energy into them. No one is worthless. We all are born for a purpose and we need to find it. It begins with finding what you love doing, be it cooking, teaching, painting, acting and so on. No matter where your interest lies, you can gradually improve on it and finally become an expert in it.


The more you work on something, the better you get at it. It may not be easy at first but with faith and courage, you’ll find the road ahead much easier. Practice makes perfect, so keep working at it and in no distant time, your self confidence will increase.


Tip 2: Nobody is Perfect.

As humans, we are bound to make mistakes. No one is perfect, not even the world we live in. So don’t force it, don’t even try to create one. Don’t try convincing yourself that you won’t make mistakes because you surely will. Come to think of it, if you’re trying to make things better or improve on something and you aren’t making mistakes every now and then at the initial stage, then you’re doing absolutely nothing. You haven’t started yet swidy. Honey, don’t be afraid of mistakes. See them as opportunities to improve. Try learning from those mistakes.


Tip 3: Avoid Negativity.

Are you a half full and half empty kind of person? You need to stop that and shun every form of negative thoughts, feelings or vibes around you. Always look at the positive side of things. Remember that we are what we think. Positive thoughts attract positive events while negative thoughts attract negative events. Being around negative people or things will only make you feel inadequate or worthless. Therefore, surround yourself with positive people and positive vibes. This way, your self confidence will not be hampered nor tampered with and you’ll always feel much better for it.


Tip 4: Don’t live to Impress others.

Never try to live your life based on others’ acceptance. You don’t need their permission nor validation in order to live and exist. You’re worth more than that. You should accept who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, know your limitations. Don’t live a fake life just to impress people. You owe them no such thing. Just do whatever it is that makes you happy and keeps you grounded. They don’t own your life, you do. You have the power to change your destiny, not them.


Tip Five: Always Believe in You.

Finally, learn to be comfortable in your own skin. That’s the biggest boost you can ever give your self confidence. Always believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Believe you can face the challenges of life and find solutions to problems. What others think or say about you doesn’t count. What really matters is that you’re okay with who you are and that you’re super proud of yourself. That’s what actually counts. You have the power to change your destiny, not them.


Let no one belittle you nor push you around like you are a nobody. You are somebody! Never forget you’re someone special and unique. Be your own boss! It’s your life to live not theirs. So run it with all diligence and with your head lifted high. Strive to be better and you surely will.


With these secrets, you’ll be able to build and boost your self confidence without necessarily being arrogant. It’s not rocket science. With patience, persistence and dedication, the sky will not just be your limit, but your starting point. Hallelujah!


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