10 Sure Ways to Spot a Cheap Guy.

Nowadays, we all get to hear some guys saying, whispering or even screaming out loud, “that girl is very cheap”. Why? Because “she sleeps around”.
Well… that’s not a fact to be disputed though, but it appears that’s their only way of labelling a girl as being “cheap” and all of that. But then, these same set of guys seem to have forgotten so soon that not only girls are cheap. We Equally Have Cheap Guys! Yes I said so!!!


Below are the Signs, Qualities, Characteristics or let’s just say, ways we can EASILY spot a guy who falls into this category of “cheap” humans. So if you’re a guy and you find yourself exhibiting any or even some of these points I wanna mention here, then just know you are a cheap boy.



1. A dude is said to be cheap when he cannot stay in the same room with a lady without thinking of s3x. Once there’s the presence of a lady there in the room, getting her laid is all he can think of. It doesn’t stop there, he begins to devise means and tactics with which he can accomplish that.

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2. A cheap guy is one who would want to sleep with everything in skirt like a pr0stitute. Funny thing is…he actually has this G0df0rsaken he*k of a mindset that he’s the one “using these girls and d*mping them”.

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3. A guy is cheap if he introduces himself to his girlfriend’s parents making them believe he wants to marry their daughter, but only to chop and clean mouth. I mean, if this dude can actually go to that length just to get the “C00kie”… that singular act screams how cheap, d*ceitful, irresp0nsible and c0wardly he is.

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4. A cheap boy is that boy that has defl0wered all the girls in his neighborhood and still wants to marry a v*rgin that will fall from the sky. But huncle lemme ask you…who will now marry the ones you’ve defl0wered? Infact, what’s wrong with you marrying them? Okay, you suddenly realized they aren’t good enough for you again…Is that it? Oya clap for yourself. You’re doing well.

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5. A guy is described as being cheap when he lies to a girl about his financial status in order to make her date him. I mean why even put yourself under such str3ss. Does it mean you lack self confidence? Do you think you can cope with her demands when she starts making them? Bros, wait lemme ask you again… why have you chosen to t0rture and t0rment your own life like this just because of a girl? Eehhn?? I’m asking you. Yes you! Frankly speaking dude, it isn’t worth it one bit.

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6. Again… a cheap boy is that boy that will woo a girl for a whole year only to dummp her the next day after getting it down with her. Huncle you’re just causing yourself ha*m in case no one has ever bothered to tell you the truth.

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7. If a guy cannot support a girl financially no matter how little or even assist her otherwise without asking for s3x in return, that’s a glaring sign that the guy is so so f*cking cheap. He’s such a Cheap Article!!!

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8. A cheap boy is that boy that collects money from his girlfriend, enjoys all the sacrifices she makes for him and efforts she puts into the relationship only to duump her when he becomes rich.

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9. A cheap boy is that boy that treats a good girl badly. Remember that old saying, “you never know what you’ve got until you lose it”. You probably never thought you’d lose it anyways.. But you surely will cuz the moment she’s had enough of your bullsh*t, she’s so gonna duuumpp your sorry aßss… Then Life Goes On!!

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10. Finally… A cheap guy is that unrepentant heart breaker who finds this post…annoying.

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So guys, here are the behaviours you can see a guy exhibit and be a hundred and one percent certain that such a guy is unapologetically CHEAP!

Okay Sugars, do you know other ways we can spot a dude who’s cheap, you’ve probably seen them at some point exhibiting certain behaviours which portray them to be cheap, well then, feel free to include that in the comment section below. I’D BE SO GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU!!! Watchaa!!!!


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