Ways to Keep Armpits from Smelling Like Onions

Everyone has their unique natural scent. However, some foods can actually alter a person’s natural scent; same way it can contribute or even lead to change in body od0ur. Do your armpits smell like onions and you would like to know why they do so? Then view the post below:

READ THIS:  Do Your Armpits Smell Like Onions? Here’s Why.

As such, foods such as garlic, onions, ginger, cumin and curry can also cause changes in bodily scent. A high consumption of food like these plays a significant part in making the armpits smell like Onions. And how does this happen? Here’s how…


The sulfur-like compounds that the body releases as it breaks down these foods can react with the sweat on the skin and most especially under the arm, thereby producing that “Onion-y” body od0ur that is different from a person’s natural scent.


Because sweat feeds bacteria, stopping sweat will be the best way to control underarm od0urs, onion-y or not.

Here’s How You Can Do That:


1. Learn to Shave!

Make it a habit of constantly shaving off those underarm hair of yours. They play a huge part in emanating od0ur. How’s that? Cuz having hair stuck under your arms helps in trapping dirt, bacteria and sweat. These sweat and bacteria then combine to produce an 0ffensive od0ur. The lesser hair you have in your underarms the lesser the chances of stucking up bacteria and dirts. Never forget that. So Learn to Shave.

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2. Clean Up Those Pits.

Honey, prevention starts in the shower. Look for a gentle or mild bathing soap or an antibacterial wash/soap and wash your body and armpits thoroughly. You could even get a cleanser with sodium hyochlorite like CLn BodyWash and massage for about 10-15 seconds into your underarms and that alone would do such a nice job of temporarily ridding the bacteria off your pits.

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3. Dry Your Armpits Well.

After shower, endeavour to dry your armpits thoroughly because bacteria grow in a wet or moist environment. You could even use a blow dryer to fully dry your underarms if you have access to one, but use a warm (not hot) setting and stop before/if any redness occurs. The dryness creates a less friendly environment for bacteria to flourish.


4. Re-evaluate Your Diet.

Here’s the deal. We aren’t asking you to entirely scrape garlics or onions from your meals because we all know how beneficial they are to the health, but then, there’s a good chance that diet changes (like eliminating or cutting down on their consumption to a reasonable extent) would go a long way in combating that Onion-y smell in your underarms.

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5. Use Antiperspirant.

Also, if your pits have an onion scent, consider switching from deodorant to antiperspirant. Why? Because Deodorants are only there to combat body od0ur amidst the excessive (or not so excessive sweats) while Antiperspirants on the other hand help reduce underarm sweating. Antiperspirants work by blocking the pores on the outer layer of your skin, reducing the amount of sweat allowed to the surface and this reduction is as a result of the presence of aluminum in it.


These aluminium salts are included in antiperspirants to help reduce the sweat flow in the underarm area and also to minimise the smell associated with sweat, by reducing the number of bacteria linked to od0ur production. So yes! deodorants and antiperspirants are both skin care products BUT there’s still a slight difference between these two.


6. Consider Botox.

If every other option fails you, honey, consider Botox. It’s also a safe and effective way to decrease sweating. If every other option fails you or you feel antiperspirants are just not enough, they just aren’t doing it for you and sweating is extremely bothersome for you (as in the case of “Hyperhidrosis”), sweetheart, feel free to talk to your doctor about it.


Talk to your doctor about whether you’re a good candidate for Botox injections. And hey! You are totally covered. Insurance may cover Botox after you’ve tried other treatments and they still didn’t work effectively on you, so ask about the requirements for this. Then yippee! You Are Good to GO! Naaah…. Save your breathe, Not to worry, you can always thank me later!!! SMILES.


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