30 Tips to Keeping yourself Happy and Grounded

Having some bad moments or passing through some rough times and desperately looking for a way out? It’s all good swidy. Take a chiil pill because you definitely do not own all the problems in the world… plus… life is too short to be anything other than happy. We’ve got you covered big time honey. So here are some simple tips to keep you happy, focused, positive and grounded in life.


1. Engage in hobbies you really enjoy.

2. Catch up on your favourite TV shows.

3. Read inspiring books, novels, newspapers and magazines.

4. Journal / pen down your emotions and experiences.

5. Exercise more at home. You can find some workout videos on YouTube to motivate you.

6. Create alone time for yourself and clear your mind. You need some space too.


7. Meditate – calm your mind and anxiety.

8. Listen to your favourite songs.

9. Deep clean and organize your home, clear some space.

10. Reach out to your family and friends. Check up on them frequently.


11. Engage in puzzles and board games. They’re good for the mind and brain.

12. Text someone very special to you. It will put a smile on their faces too.

13. Express your feelings. Tell people how much they mean to you. Hold nothing back.

14. See funny and educative movies and skits.

15. More hugs to your loved ones. Just spread the love around.


16. Put on some music and dance like nobody’s watching you.

17. Take a relaxing shower. Get into the bath tub and relax in there if you must.

18. Go out into nature, take some fresh air and explore.


19. Listen to some podcast. They aid in keeping your mind positive and grounded.

20. Take lots of rest. Naps are really cool. Ensure you go to bed and wake up early.


21. Try doing something new. Engaging in new stuff can be a mixture of fun and challenge at the same time.

22. Buy or exchange gifts for/with your loved ones. You mustn’t wait till it’s their birthdays before doing stuff like this. It makes both you and them feel happy and special.

23. Never deny yourself nice, healthy and energetic meals. Don’t even think of skipping breakfast.


24. Cook more of your favourite meals and have nice drinks too.

25. Watch the sunset, moon and stars. The sight alone is awesome to behold.

26. Pick out a day and drink about 1 or 2 litres of clean and healthy water. That way, you wouldn’t have time to over-think or over-work yourself because you will be too busy visiting the restroom to pee.


27. Let go of people who bring you nothing but pain and grief. You don’t need that one bit.

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28. Plan a future vacation. Give yourself some good treat. You deserve it.

29. Learn to Prioritize your tasks, always complete the major ones first. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry much over nothing.


30. Lastly, you sure know your future is bright right? Yes! So don’t forget to set and pursue your goals for the future.

With these tips, you will surely be able to overcome anything that might try to deprive you of your happiness.

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