The 3 Kinds of Men – Making the Right Choice

Most times, ladies wonder why a particular man they’ve met in life is somewhat different from another man they’ve come across.

Why does a particular man treat ladies with so much care and regard while another man does the exact opposite?

Again, why does a lady meet a certain man and her life depreciates or gets worse while same lady could meet another man later on and her life blossoms or gets better?


That’s because men are of various species. There are 3 different kinds of men and the kind of man you meet or get involved with or bring into your life has a huge impact in your personality as an individual and your life as a whole.

Here are the 3 kinds of men in life, so the choice of man you make today determines how your life will turn out tomorrow; better or worse.



A hunter kind of man is one that looks for things that are thriving, doing well or successful. This means that a hunter man is inspired by successful women. His only problem is that he’s intimidated by his capture so he has to k!ll or overpower that capture of his in order to feel fulfilled or dominating. He then looks out for a great woman, captures her heart and gradually k!lls her dreams, beauty and ambition in life only because he feels intimidated by her. This intimidation or insecurity is as a result of his unwarranted fear that another man could see what an amazing woman he has and equally start admiring or going after her just like he did; or probably that she could keep seeing better opportunities and outshine him in the sphere of life.


A woman could be hardworking and running series of businesses but the moment she meets a hunter man and lets him into her life, everything starts going down the drain. He makes sure she is left with almost nothing and automatically makes her largely dependent on him.


A scaveng£r is like a vultur£ that eats d£ad or r0tten things. A scaveng£r man is one who looks for naive girls, women with low self-esteem or some lady who is “in need of love just to feel like human.” He looks out for the weak ladies that are always in need of one thing or the other in order to take advantage of their neediness or naivity. A woman meets him, yet her life never seems to get better because just as much as he could be giving her, so is he also taking something from her in return, even more than he ever gave her. To him, nothing goes for nothing.


That’s the reason some husbands prefer the innocent house maids because they feel they’re in need and so much dependent on them. No matter how beautiful or amazing their women or wives could be, they would still be on the mission to prey on those helpless or innocent ladies around them.


A gardner is like a care-taker. A gardner man receives his woman as a seed with great potentials to become. This kind of man plants his woman in his heart and in his home. He then waters her and exposes her to the light which could be in the form of education, opportunities, information, vision and possibilities. It’s true he scolds, cautions and corrects her sometimes, but he does this in and with love. This correction is a form of pruning by preventing her from doing certain things (wrongful deeds); not because he’s trying to overpower her, but because he wants her to blossom.


That’s why whenever you see the woman of a gardner kind of man, she’s usually more beautiful, exposed, educated, vibrant, happy, successful, blossoming and excelling than she used to be. This is because her man, the gardner is bringing out the potentials in her. A gardner man is priceless and a man worth having.

Dear Men, when you’re not proud of your woman, she isn’t the problem actually. You are! You’re indirectly saying that you aren’t proud of your garden and you’re creating a wrong impression by saying that.


Reach out to her, love her, take care of her, teach her, correct her, appreciate her, groom her to your taste and in the long run, you would surely be proud of her in particular and your relentless effort as a whole. Dude, she’s your woman not another man’s woman, therefore, it’s your job as her man to bring out the better version of her and make her the woman you would always be proud of. Become the Gardner kind of Man…Today!

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