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Telltale Signs You are Dating the Wrong Person – (Part Four)

So we have come to the fourth and final part of the “35 Telltale Signs You are Dating the Wrong Person”. View the previous posts to see more.

5 More Telltale Signs You’re Dating the Wrong Person:

31. They Constantly Bring Negative Vibes:

Surrounding yourself with people who speak positively impart positivity into your life. Dating someone who doesn’t see the good in anything but always brings negative vibes will bring you down with negativity.


32. You aren’t Excited to See or Hear from them:

There’s this happy feeling of seeing and spending time with that special person we are dating. So if it happens to be that you get no butterfly feeling and excitement when you see the one you’re dating, then something isn’t right. You’re with the wrong person.


33. You Communicate your Concerns but Nothing Ever Changes:

It’s natural for people to voice out their feelings and problems. But when you’re always communicating your concerns on certain issues but nothing ever seems to be done about it, it shows lack of care and regard on your partner’s side and a wrong signal too.


34. Your Relationship with them is their One and Only Interest:

If nothing else ever interests your partner asides your relationship with them, be prepared for a draining and suffocating affair. Not only will such a person be very clingy, but they will also expect you to give them 24/7 attention and never leave their sight.


35. Your Instincts Keep Whispering “Get Out”:

Never ignore your instincts. They’re almost always right. So if your instincts keep whispering to you to get out or break up, then you should leave. There’s a reason for that. You may not be able to figure out the exact reason now, but in due time, you will surely understand. Learn to trust your guts and act accordingly.


And here finally sugars! We are done with signs to know you aren’t with the right one yet. So to be sure you’re with Mr. or Miss Right, look out for these signs. With this, you will be able to know what you’re getting yourself into and who you’re letting into your life. Look beyond beauty and handsomeness, those fade away. Ignore riches, fame, big boobs and booty, six packs and all of those frivolities.


Go for someone who truly loves, cares, values, appreciates, respects and has your interest at heart. Date your friend. Marry your friend. Character and Compatibility matters a lot. Be sure to always make the right choices and decisions. Let’s be Guided and we will Surfely Get There!


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