Morning S£X: 10 Reasons You Should Get It On in the A.M

Good Morning S£x! And oooh! my gosh… Here comes our Morning Glory – Hallelujah! You know that feeling of sleeping beside your lover each night and waking up next to them every blessed morning? Well…that’s one of the best feelings in the world. But then.. that feeling is just as sweet as waking up to…

Dating, Courtship and Marriage

A lot of people still mistake “dating” for “courtship”. Although both terms are inter-related and include forms of human relations, they still don’t entirely mean the same thing. This article is a detailed Guide to Understanding the difference between Dating, Courtship and Marriage.

15 Clear Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

Has your partner’s behaviour suddenly changed of recent? Do you suspect you are being cheated on but not too sure what your instincts are trying to tell you? Well, here are sure ways to find out.

10 Things Men Secretly Desire… but may not say

What exactly do men really want, need and desire in a relationship? Women have asked this question severally in the past, are currently asking and will still ask in the future. Long story cut short…here are ten ways to find out.

Telltale Signs You’re Dating the Wrong Person – (Part Four)

Dating is an opportunity to get to know a potential lover. It preceeds a committed relationship based on love and mutual agreement. Character and Compatibility matter a lot. This article is the fourth and final part of the article, “35 Telltale Signs You are Dating the Wrong Person”.