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  • Nashfillz (feat. Gift Tune) – Nobody

    Nashfillz (feat. Gift Tune) – Nobody

    Song Title: Nobody Artiste: Nashfillz ft. Gift Tune Genre: Jazz Date of Release: 15th October, 2022  Record Label:  The song, “Nobody” is a Jazz music, which was recently released by a young, multi-talented Nigerian Artiste, Nashfillz and which got featured by Gift Tune. Nobody is equally a song that has a touch of Romance in it and…

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  • Satisfying the Emotional Needs of Your Woman

    Satisfying the Emotional Needs of Your Woman

    Relationship is all about commitment and pleasing your partner unconditionally. If you enter a relationship with a wrong mindset, it’s obvious that you have entered it with the wrong person. When a woman says, “I don’t feel loved anymore“, as a man…you can’t start arguing or trying to be logical by saying, “I bought you…

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  • The Scary Part of a Relationship

    The Scary Part of a Relationship

    Relationships last long, not because of destiny… Don’t buy that fairytale bullsh!t. They last when two people have decided to keep fighting for it. FIGHT, that’s the word. Look again… It said two people fighting. When I say fight, this is what you should picture. While you’re fighting on your own end as a man,…

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  • Eating Pumpkin Meal (Story of my Life)

    Eating Pumpkin Meal (Story of my Life)

    For the first time in 15 solid years, I’m being made to eat Pumpkin and Yam meal… again. Unbelievable but True! Hahaha… Well, the story goes this way… As a child I’ve always avoided eating pumpkin meal because I personally do not like the food. I literally focus on separating the yam from the pumpkin…

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  • OliveraTips Podcast

    OliveraTips Podcast

    Hello everyone! What’s good? We’re excited to announce and present to you all Our Official Podcast Channel, “OliveraTips Podcast“. Do well to follow us up and have access to listen to our streams and episodes of podcasts which would definitely Nourish your body, spirit, soul and mind. You can find us on the following platforms:…

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